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Father, a word sternly woven into every child’s mind, be it a daughter or a son. The word ‘Father’ resonates an embodiment of authority, strength, wisdom and adamant values. The prerogative provider, the proud protector, reflects the lawful duty of what every boy are expected to be when matured. However, what is the true purpose of being a ‘father’ means in nowadays time? The term ‘father’ undermines the societal value of pressuring men sought to be. But, is this truly the case? To understand what ‘father’ is and was, look no further as I will evaluate the following term through – My Father.

My father was the true embodiment of every expectation of being a father. Cold, calm and stoic as anyone could ever possibly imagine. It has been awhile since my father and I ever had any sort of social engagement. The only impression I could describe my father was that he is basically God, always busy elsewhere. Throughout my lifetime, he never complains, he never surrenders his emotion, his health and his pain at least not that I know of.

However, aside of the stone-cold persona he adopted, I somehow peculiarly empathize his struggles. From growing up starving to owning houses and cars, he inspired me to be a man of my own, to shoulder the burden of life bestowed upon us. The one quote he struck me hard was: “The road ahead is arduous, no place for a boy. Power, of any kind comes from the heart, but only when tempered by the mind, through self-discipline and focus from the one who wields it. That is where the true strength of an individual lies”. Ultimately, my father taught me being a father was to willingly sacrifice himself for the greater good of his family, to stand tall in pride facing our own adversaries.


Hing Mook Lin

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