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My Experience as Career Day Chairperson

Two words to describe my experience: Roller Coaster.
What do I mean by a roller coaster? Throughout this experience, from deciding to take up the post, planning to executing, I have had emotional fluctuations. However, I am still grateful for what I have been through and skills learnt from this experience.
At first, I had a hard time deciding whether to take up the Chairperson or Public Relations Representative post, or just be an Event Assistant. Many things have held me back and the worst case scenarios in ruining the entire Career Day have crossed my mind for uncountable times. I have been worried about my soft skills and if I can manage people well. I would like to thank Miss Carina for not forcing me into any posts, and my Student Ambassador (SA) mate, Jen May, for her encouragement in achieving something bigger before our term as an SA ends.11160291_10204328259228434_603804280_n
During planning, everything has seemed to go well. Due to my inexperience, the first day of pre-preparation has been the lowest point of my entire experience. I panicked when I was informed that only one helper showed up, out of five who had signed up. I contacted them and found out that some of them had forgotten about it. I have learnt to think in depth and foresee possible happenings.
During preparation, I learnt to be flexible and to be open to all possible changes. Miss Carina pointed out to me that I tend to plan in detail and expect everything to go accordingly. I am grateful that I have an efficient team. I have learnt from them on enjoying the process as my team has established friendships with each other and the whole atmosphere in the work station was filled with positive vibes. In addition, due to my worries and stress, I would like to thank my team for being understanding and supportive.
Throughout the whole process, I have learnt to always refer back to the big picture before going into details, so I will always stay on the right track. I have learnt to be more observant and hence could correct my team efficiently when they make mistakes as correction could not be delay or worse consequences may result.
The most important thing that I have gained from this experience is to stay optimistic. As mentioned above, I tend to be pessimistic before I even try. From this experience, I have regained my confidence in managing people and realized it is not as tough as I had imagined. I have learnt to do my best with love as the central motive, instead of fear. When love dominates, I am calmer and people around me will feel more comfortable working together. When fear dominates, I tend to be so demanding and people around me will feel stressed as well.
I am blessed to be granted this opportunity to work as a Career Day Chairperson. I believe I will continue in improving my skills and achieving more in life.



11158152_10204331855038327_619273438_n Melody Ng Min Ern (ND113)






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