Committee Members


Andrew Octavian (Medical Biotechnology) – President 16/17

Medical Biotechnology student, loyal contributor to both Zoom In website and Synapse magazine. I also happen to be a Pokémon Master.


Aashwany Chandra Mohan (Biomedical Science) – Vice President 16/17

Bibliophile and Disney afficionado. Regular contributor to Zoom In and Synapse. Biomedical Scientist in progress.  La vita è bella ;-)


Chong Jia Wearn (Psychology) – Secretary 16/17

Carmen is psycho. Carmen is kind. Carmen is smart. Be like Carmen :D


Naveenya Chetty Annan (Pharmacy) – Treasurer 16/17

Nature lover and outdoor enthusiast with a lover for fantasy :D


Yeoh Hong Chun (Psychology) – Event Manager 16/17

Psychology student. Extremely dangerous. Proceed with care. Snarls and bites if provoked.


Rawan Elwalid (Medicine) – Head Writer 16/17

A lover of everything related to words and donuts. Villain enthusiast and highly gifted at imagining alternate story endings. Tolerates cats and children.


Koe Jia-Ju (Pharmacy) – Head Reporter 16/17

Introvert. Infuriatingly humble reader and a complete Potterhead. I never understood anything that isn’t chocolate.


Azfar Afham (Psychology) – Head Photographer 16/17

3rd Degree Black Belt in Taekwondo. I become a photographer because I like taking pictures of other people.


Foong Keng Wah (Pharmacy) – Head Designer 16/17

Hi guys, guess what font Princess Ariel used in her assignment. ARIAL.

Public Relations 16/17


Brenda (Medical Biotechnology) – Webmaster 16/17

A part time beauty Vlogger, a makeup junkie. Whoever wants a makeover, feel free to contact me! ;)

Regular Contributors


Toh Boon Kheng (Psychology)

Just a guy who reads and writes; a side effect of sleepless nights


Ivanova Anjani (Biomedical Science)

Speaks the language of food and lives for fun things


Yaohan Wong (Psychology)

An almost loony Psychology student. So happy to be featured here <3


Darren Cheong (Psychology)

Psychology student. Pokemon lover. A fan of capturing people’s emotions and understanding how they feel deep inside their hearts.


Firdaus Abdullah (Pharmacy)

A child of Gaga, an infamous bathroom singer, and I like cats


Rudimentary Ecstasy (Medicine)

I’m a guy who wishes dearly for a friendlier, less erratic muse, as writing is basically my only worthwhile hobby.


Zeus (Medicine)

brb, trying to find the meaning of life.