IMU Editorial Board
main committee 2019/2020

The IMU Editorial Board is a club that welcomes all students of IMU who wish to engage creatively and academically in journalism, editorial works and visual arts. These include reports which cover the latest events and news in or involving IMU, written pieces ranging from articles and interviews to short stories and poems, as well as original materials related to art forms such as photography and graphic design. All participant submissions are published on the club’s main online platform, Zoom In.

We aim to make Zoom In everyone's platform to express their ideas, written work (short story, poetry or even jokes!), photos, news, events, information or even interesting articles and trends - all to be shared together. This is an interactive place to be! We welcome ALL humans, aliens and even robots! So get creative!

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Lekshmi Devi
President 19/20

ME118; Devi; Sagittarius; chocoholic; loves to watch movies and a professional procrastinator.

Harshitha Canchi Udayraj
Vice President 19/20

ME218; Harshi; Passionate, loud, unapologetic; master at dropping Hamilton verses; Extremely over prepared for the zombie apocalypse; Has been to space 7 times; Amateur liar.

Yip Song Qing
Secretary 19/20

DN118; Song Qing; To strangers I could be cold as ice, but I am actually a warm person who loves animals and listens to rain playlist at night.

Sarishmallini Naikar Surendren
Treasurer 19/20

ME118; Sarish; Libra, foodie, awkward with strangers, loves listening to music

Siah Teck Ying
Head Writer 19/20

CM117; Zantal; Capricorn; Grammar Nazi; TCM student; Shounen anime/manga fan; Japanese metal music; Likes cats and birds; Justice will always prevail.

Chang Chi Yin
Head Reporter 19/20

NT118; Chi Yin; Optimistic; love to smile; enjoy life; Head reporter of Editorial board; don't trust words, trust action.

Narayani Krishna Kalyan
Head Photographer 19/20

ME118; Nara, short for Narayani, 18, Pisces; artsy; wannabe photographer; Indie music; Just keep swimming.

Ahmad Mujahid Mazlan
Webmaster 19/20

FIS318; Muja; Forever student; Polyglot; Autodidact; Adventurer; Explorer; Problem solver; Ambitious; Techie.