Main Committee 2018/2019

Gan Yee Hung-President 18/19

Salt; president of Editorial Board; vegetarian; plants lover; play sports; likes reading; sometimes outgoing sometimes not; proactive; passionate

Chong Jackie-Vice President 18/19

Jackie; Typical Aries girl; Bohemian but not Artistic; Fans of Santa Montefiore; Vice President of the Editorial Board; Mr and Mrs Diary are Her Best Friends.

Grace Ho Wen Sha-Secretary 18/19

Grace; Dreamer; Noisy and talkative; Fans of Shin Chan; Secretary of Editorial Board; If you have a heartbeat, there’s still time for your dreams.

Hoh Min Min-Treasurer 18/19

Min Min; Hodophile; Agreeable; Fans of Got7; Treasurer of Editorial Broad; Same birthday as Gal Gadot

Prina Singh-Head Writer 18/19

Prina of House Singh, the First of Her Name; The Unburnt; Queen of Procrastination, Fangirling and Sarcastic Comebacks; Queen of Hoarding Books and Not Reading Them; Khaleesi of Being Stuck in a YouTube Wormhole; Proud Slytherdor; Head Writer of the Editorial Board; Mother of Dragons.

Emlynne Shauna Tham-Head Reporter 18/19

They call her Miss Ke Po, the busybody of the group. If you’ve got news, chances are she knows it too. It’s no wonder she’s the Head Reporter.

Jeffrey Tang Hang Chong-Head Photographer 18/19

Jeffrey ; optimistic ; Passionate in photography and videography ; head of photographer ; favorite colour is black ?

Muhammad Ashril bin Mazlan-Webmaster 18/19

There’s never a right time to do the wrong thing and there’s never a wrong time to do the right thing.