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“Welcoming freshies to IMU!” . If you asked me, I would say so as well. But orientation has much more to it than just welcoming juniors. Orientation helps juniors to know their way around IMU, easily help them to integrate into the system and also help them know the ‘important people’ around IMU such as members of the SRC and the House Captains.

The Medic Orientation is an event that takes place twice annually, for 2 weeks long. I believe orientation brings people closer, not only the medical student but students from other cohorts as well.

This year, ME115 Orientation started on the 24th of February and lasted till 6th of March.

There are many activities that took place in that 2 weeks of orientation such as ice breaking, dry games, telematch, track trip, dress code night, outdoor treasure hunt, indoor treasure hunt and finale night.

Happy faces




The pros of orientation are to ensure that the juniors are not feeling stressed in their first few days in uni. It also gives the new students a sense of belonging and that they are not alone. Furthermore, orientation reminds the students that it is possible to reach out and ask for help any time they need it.

However, orientation is multifaceted too – the orientation committee had faced difficulties in booking lecture theatres, ordering shirts and assuming sizes of the shirt, filming the orientation movie and cleaning up after games. Moreover, orientation is definitely time consuming as the students had to stay back late into the night to practice for events and dances.

In a nutshell, orientation is a golden tradition in IMU as the pros overcame the cons. No pain, No gain. With so many new friends to make and less strangers around, IMU is a little piece of heaven itself.

 No pain, No gain. With so many new friends to make and less strangers around, IMU is a little piece of heaven itself.

More pictures of happy faces and funny antics:

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The spirit of the recent medical orientation was successfully captured by Yeoh Jie Cong. A medical student himself, Jie Cong also moonlights as a freelance photographer. Check out JieCong’s Photography for more photos! 

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