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Learning Resources Festival 2016

One of the most educational event in International Medical University (IMU) was held on the 31st of October and on the 1st of November 2016. It was an informative event launced by our very own library with “using technology to design great learning experience” as the theme for this year.

Numerous activities were carried out which involves the participation of IMU students and staffs. For instance, the library dodgeball challenge, publishers quizzes, Kahoot challenge and posters competition. The competitions held were entertaining and enjoyable with a fairly large audience. The library dodgeball challenge that took place at the atrium attracted many students. Teams of three players were form and players were required to throw balls at their opponents if their allocated facilitators approve by flashing a green card. Moreover, the winning teams of the competitions were awarded with attractive prizes.

Furthermore, there were a few talks held during the event. The introductory session was handled by Professor Jai Mohan. Next, Professor Fuziah Mohd Nadzar gave a speech on the role of digital library learning in the 21st century education field. On the second day, Professor Rozhan Idrus, a professor in Open and Distance Learning and Technology, talked about how one can use technology to design a great learning experience. Associate Professor Dr. Hanan Omar gave a speech on ways to build branching scenarios. The talks were beneficial and relevant with the current happenings in the education field.

To sum up, the 2016 Learning Resources Festival was a huge success. The students and staffs who participated in this event had a great experience and gained loads of useful information. It was suggested that this event should be carried out annually as it in turn, highlights the importance of learning amongst the new generation.


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