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Launch of IMU Pharmacy Students’ Association (IPSA)

On the 21st of March 2018, the IMU Pharmacy Students Association (IPSA) was finally brought to life after years of tireless efforts. A launching ceremony initiated by the dean of pharmacy, A/Prof Mohd Zulkefeli, saw approximately 50 pharmacy students in congregation to celebrate this monumental milestone. Vice President of IPSA, Yuki, states that this association had been in the making for the past several years, with students Ooi Zi Qian BP113, Thum Enn Yi BP113, Grace Lee BP114, Emily Chai BP114, Mai Ya Zhe BP114, Brian Tay BP114, Kuan Hui En BP115, Tan Shin Thong BP215 and Lovy Le Er BP116 being the main architects who dedicated their time and energy into making this idea a reality. Ultimately, IPSA aims to unite all pharmacy students within IMU, and aims to give students a platform to foster their teamwork, networking, leadership and professionalism within the field of pharmacy all through this one entity.


Members of this association will gain the privilege of exploring career opportunities and will receive the benefit of participating in activities both within and outside of the university. On a larger scale, the unified front of IPSA hopes to fuel confidence in students participating in the annual activities and competitions hosted by the Malaysian Pharmacy Students Association (MYPSA).This will be the first year IMU Pharmacy students will partake in MYPSA as part of an association, and IPSA aims to catapult IMU to higher rankings in these competitions. All in all, IPSA with its myriad of benefits is a great place to lay your foundation as a future pharmacist.


Written by,

Emlynne (Head Reporter of IMU Editorial Board)

Photo credit: IPSA Facebook page

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