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Know More: Aberrant Medical Conditions

Each and every one of us must have come across at least one medical condition which one might consider ‘cool’. We have prepared 4 medical conditions that we think are the quirkiest of the quirkiest. Recognize any one of these.

Stone BodiesFOP

Upon being hurt, humans are designed to heal on its own, with time that is. Some humans however, just take it to the next level, going so far overboard as turning damaged body parts to stone. The extremely rare condition known as Fibrodysplasia Ossificans Progressiva (FOP) involves a mutation of the body’s repair mechanism, which causes damaged muscles or ligaments to ossify. Sadly, operations on injuries of people suffering from FOP will only cause additional bone growth. In the most extreme cases, patients may be rendered completely immobile within decades.

No Pain, No Pain


Never feeling any pain sounds amazing, huh? You might say that it’s the best kind of mutation or disorder there is, but that might not be the case. Congenital analgesia or congenital insensitivity to pain (CIP) is a condition in which an individual cannot and has never felt any pain. Often children that are affected by this disorder acquire terribly debilitating injuries as a result of clawing themselves, biting off their tongue, or walking around on broken bones, resulting in some children with this condition not making it through to adolescence.

The Elderly Children


Humans have, throughout history, scoured for ways to prolong life or to reverse the effects of aging, but sometimes aging just comes way too quickly. Progeria is a rare genetic disorder in which children present aspects of aging at a very early age. Children with Progeria maintain age-appropriate intelligence, but start to look elderly as early as the age of two, suffer from the same ailments as the elderly including arthritis, and rarely live past the age of thirteen.

HIV Resistance – Protection is Still a Must


Finally, something positive (insert irony here). The trail that scientists have gone through in curing HIV/AIDS has actually enabled us to just drop that stigma on HIV+ individuals. Luckily, some people with a genetic mutation that enable them to disable their copy of the CCR5 protein are VERY resistant to this detrimental viral infection. HIV uses that protein as a doorway into human cells. So, if a person lacks CCR5, HIV can’t enter their cells, and they’re extremely unlikely to become infected with the disease. Yes, they are resistant, and no, they’re not immune.

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