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Japanese Cultural Week 2018

Japanese Culture Week 2018

The Japanese Culture Week, held for three consecutive days from the 9th of April 2018 was culminated in a great success. “The purpose of the event is to promote and showcase the beauty of Japanese culture.” The president of Japanese Cultural Society, Choong Qi Ying believed that this event could act as a platform for students to demonstrate a sense of appreciation for the culture.



“Every single element is the highlight of the event, which contributes to the success of the event.” She added with great reassurance that the essence of the Japanese Culture was well portrayed throughout the event.


Many students were greatly attracted to the free Yukata try on in the atrium. A Yukata is a traditional Japanese costume, and unlike the Kimono, it is made from cotton or polyester and is more casual and intended for use during the summer. Much fascination was surrounded on watching the event helpers dress willing students in the Yukata as the process appeared to comprise of several complicated steps.


“I fell in love with the Japanese culture since I was little and at first it is because of the food. As time goes by, I gradually learnt more than just about food and that’s when I adore everything about Japan.” The Vice President of Japanese Cultural Society, Amanda Wong revealed how she began to marvel at the enticing Japanese culture which eventually became a part of the tribute to her passion for this event.


Despite every ounce of success, a  shortage of manpower was a big hurdle encountered. Moreover, Qi Ying admitted that the events had to be brought forward owing to the clashing with other events in IMU. This led to an unforeseen reduction in time for preparation and planning for the event. Despite the odds stacked against them, the team managed to succeed and everyone was satisfied with the outcome of their hard work. Seeing the students indulge in the games, the origami session, the Yukata try on as well as the crowd-madding performance collectively was the greatest accomplishment for them.


According to Amanda, politeness is the major learning point that we Malaysians should pick up from the Japanese. Besides being affectionate for their culture, learning and appreciating their positive culture on a daily basis is important for the sake of self-improvement.


Written by Jackie

Edited by Emlynne

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