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Interview Session with Kishen- President of SRC 2017/2018

President of Student Representative Council 2017/2018
President of Student Representative Council 2017/2018- Kishen Kunalan from BP1/16

Can you tell us about yourself?

I am 20 years old and I’ve lived here in KL all my life. I have been studying in IMU since 2015. I started with the Foundation in Science programme. Currently, I am in my semester 3 of my Pharmacy degree. I love Science and working in the lab and would love to enter the research field once I graduate. I enjoy listening and playing music. I also love to read.

Why do you want to run for the SRC President (Anyone Inspired You?)

After studying in IMU for the past 2 years, I have grown attached to the campus and its people. I have made many good friends throughout my studies so far, with a lot of good memories to keep. I wanted to give something back to the university and its community. I can see that the university and its students have achieved a lot in the past few years. Besides that, I would like to see it achieve even more. To be part of that driving force for change is what motivated me to run for SRC President.

 How do you feel after being elected as the new president of 2017/2018?

I had a myriad of emotions. I felt excited as I felt I was about to embark on a new experience. At the same time, it felt a bit daunting looking at the responsibilities that I had to carry. That was almost 4 months ago. Right now, I’m about halfway through my term. It has been a very challenging period. My team and I faced a lot of obstacles when it came to the new things we wanted to introduce and implement. They came in many forms like financial problems, unsatisfied students, skeptical staff and lecturers, so on and so forth. However, we have managed to make some progress so far. Aside from good leadership skills and team work, I have learnt not to give up easily.

What are your vision/ goals to reach for current committee?

Right now, I realized that most of what the SRC achieves goes underappreciated and unnoticed. What I want to achieve for my committee is that we are able reach out to all students and to show them what we have achieved so far and what we want to do for all students. Of course, Rome wasn’t built in a day; likewise, we can’t possibly implement many changes within our term. However hopefully, with the support of all our students, I hope that we can strive to ensure their studies here are comfortable, solve most of the issues that they are facing and that everyone is united as one student body. Aside from all that, I hope that we can materialize most of our ideas and visions that we have once we got elected.

Do you have any message for the past SRC committee?

Congratulations on all of your achievements! I understand how hard is it to implement and bring changes to many things. Not everything they envisioned came through. However, I would love to take this opportunity to thank them for providing me and my team a starting point, and rest-assured, we will continue their efforts and hard-work to make sure it would not go to waste.

Is there anything you would like to add before we end this interview?

I would just like to say I am very grateful to those who have supported me and my team so far. It is not easy to run a student council in our university, trying to satisfy the needs of our students at the best interest of the university. However, I hope that we manage to pull through, and achieve more and better things than our predecessors. Thank you!

Kishen (SRC President 2017/2018) and Felicity (SRC President 2016/2017)
Kishen (SRC President 2017/2018) and Felicity (SRC President 2016/2017)
Student Representative Council Team 2017/2018
Student Representative Council Team 2017/2018

Student Representative Council team 2017/ 2018

President: Kishen Kunalan

Secretary: How Suet Yue, Kelly

Treasurer: Chan Chun Fai

Vice President of Medicine: Wong Thai Ling

Vice President of Dentistry: Rachael Low Lip Yi

Vice President of Pharmacy: Lovy Chong Le Er

Vice President of Postgraduate Studies: Kho Mee Teck

Public Relations Representative: Luke Leong Tzy Cherng

IT Representative: Jeffrey Tan Yong Ye

Social Concerns Liaison: Kor Win Sheng

Sports Representative: Joy Tneoh Kah Yan

Vice Sport Representative: Britney Ong Yi-Syuen

Cultural & Religious Representative: Amirul Muzakkir bin Amri

International Students Representative: Tanya Obeyesekaara



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