Theme : The Role of Religion in the Upbringing of the Society

Interfaith forum is an annual event organized by all the religious clubs in IMU (Buddhist Society, Catholic Society, Christian Fellowship, Hindu Society and Muslim Society). This year, in 2015, the religious clubs with the guidance of SRC will extend the one-day event into a week called Interfaith Week. This Interfaith Week will comprise of activities such as flashmob, exhibition, fundraising and the forum itself. We believe the Interfaith Week will serve as a good platform for students and even staff to enhance their understanding towards the major religions in Malaysia and the world. We hope that this understanding will translate into positive attitudes such as respect and tolerance during the studying and working years as well as within the larger society itself.

Interfaith week was held from 26th to 29th January 2015.

Activities and clubs in charge:

1)Flashmob (Monday) by Hindu Society

(A flashmob in the middle of atrium during lunch time to kick start the interreligious week)

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2)Fundraising (Monday – Thursday) by Christian Fellowship







3)Exhibition (Monday – Thursday) by Muslim Society

(Exhibition on each religion)







4) Forum and performances (Thursday) by Buddhist Society








PR and IT was handled by Catholic Society while F&B  was handled by Muslim Society.

There were many hurdles faced by the committee of the interfaith week event. Firstly the lack of manpower, as there were only slightly more than 10 committed members to run the whole event. Next, the date itself proved to be a problem as many students were either on breaks, or having exams, so it was quite tough to get the crowd. To overcome this problems, the committee went all out to advertise this interfaith week,  from sending spam emails to everyone, to changing desktop background of each computers in IMU and giving out flyers.




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