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About IMU Peer Support club

The peer support club, you might say, is an unusual club. It was created by the IMU counselors, run by students, based on the altruistic desire to help the any and all members of IMU, to care for others and to offer a listening ear to those in need. What we aim to do is to bring the awareness on the importance of mental health and to lessen the stigma on mental conditions to the people in IMU. One of the worst things that one might say is the apathy of dismissing a condition such as depression as a weakness; something that would be considered as shameful and should be hidden.

Our club is a very new club. We don’t stress on holding hands and singing songs of friendship around a campfire, primarily because starting fires indoors is definitely not a good idea. What we try to do, and have done successfully several times, is to organize events to raise awareness and offer support to others.


Mental Health Week
This was a rather successful event – we like to think that we delivered information to our peers in IMU and managed to raise some awareness towards mental health. On the flip side, our members also had great exposure towards the handling such events.

Peer Support Workshop
Simply put, it is a workshop managed by our seniors and IMU counselors. Through this, we strive to train students the proper techniques of counseling (it’s a little more complicant2ted than it sounds, really) and to detect signs of depression in others. At the same time, some of us also learn more about ourselves.

Befrienders Training
Befrienders is a call center composed of a group of volunteers who are concerned about the emotional well being of the community. Our club organizes trips to the centre for new members and interested individuals to show them how the volunteers emotionally support the distressed and suicidal people.

About us

Our 2014/15 committee consists of:mt1

Club Supervisors: Ms Carina Lai, Ms Low Xin Yuan
Club Student Advisor: Tan Sue Fern
President: Mugilan (MEDT114)
Vice president: Celine Goh (ME213)
Secretary: Amilia Ng (MPQ114)
Treasurer: Amrina Raisya (ME213)



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