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IMU Live 2019 : Viva La Vida

IMU Live is one of the most anticipated annual events at IMU that provides opportunities for all talented students to showcase their abilities on stage. The event was collectively organized by the Dance Club, Choir Club, Music Club and Editorial Board. 



This year’s IMU Live, themed “Viva la Vida” or “Long Live Life” in Spanish, was held on March 22, 2019 from 6.30pm to 10.00pm at the Auditorium of the IMU Bukit Jalil campus. The event kicked off with the emcees introducing three honorable guests whom were invited to judge the performances: MC, the founder of Originalution Dance Studio who has 15 years of dancing experience; Wan Phooi Fun, a pianist with 17 years of experience in music education; and Tina Isaacs, a singer and actor who had appeared in several musicals. They then briefed on the details of the judging process. The performances were assessed based on four aspects: Effort/Personality, Technique/Execution, Stage Presentation and Originality, with each aspect accounting for a quarter of the total score. Attractive prizes were prepared for the winners; the champion, 1st and 2nd runners-up would receive RM500, RM300 and RM200 respectively. Additionally, RM100 would be awarded to the performer(s) who won the Audience Favorite Prize, which was determined by the audience’s votes.



Once the opening segment was over, the 12 contestants in turn took over the stage and launched into their performances, which ranged from singing and dancing to playing various instruments and performing as a band. Besides that, the other highlights of IMU Live 2019 were the performances brought by the Choir Club, the judges and a special guest. The Choir Club sang melodiously to Can’t Help Falling in Love, Tina belted out to Gemilang and Rumor Has It with infectious enthusiasm, MC stormed the stage with his electrifying dance moves and Phooi Fun performed He’s a Pirate on the keyboard magnificently. The emcees then welcomed the special guest by introducing her as Lim Wen Suen – champion of The Voice Singapore & Malaysia 2017. She sang Fireworks and Zhe Shi Jie Zhong Hui Ji De Wo De Ming Zi這世界終會記得我的名字 / The World will Remember my Name》, the latter song being a track off her new album which she promoted at IMU. 



After all the performances had ended, the results of the competition were finally announced. Goh You, who masterfully played The Phantom of the Opera on the violin, was crowned the champion of the night. The 1st runner up went to Jacky Thien, who impressed the audience with a Disney medley including When You Wish upon a Star, Do You Want to Build a Snowman, Love is an Open Door and Let It Go on the keyboard. The 2nd runner up – and the recipient of the Audience Favorite Prize – was BIJ, a newly-formed dance group who incorporated girl style dance with hip-hop elements in their jaw-dropping routine. 

IMU Live 2019 ended in a night full of excitement and joy. Await the event to return next year! 

Photos credit: IMU Live 2019 Facebook page 

For more photos and videos: IMU Live 2019 Facebook page 

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