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IMU Live 2018

IMU Live is one of the biggest events held in IMU and acts as a platform for students to showcase their talents through different kinds of performances. This competition often encourages students to step out of their comfort zones and display their artistry to a large audience.


On the 16th of March, IMU LIVE! 2018 was held, and it was a smashing success! As the audience members took their seats and the lights became dim, the excitement in the auditorium grew, as did the anticipation of the beginning of the event.

At 7:30, the emcees introduced the event to the audience, explaining that there would be singing and dancing as well as band performances. They also gave acknowledgement to the four clubs that organised the event: the Dance Club, the Music Club, the Choir Club, and the Editorial Board, after which they introduced the judges of the competition, who are immensely talented themselves: Ian, the President of the Music Club and a previous winner of IMU LIVE; Kalok, who has his own YouTube channel and is also the Event Manager of the Music Club; and Akiko, the Vice President of the Dance Club and a member of Infires (the IMU Dance Crew). The emcees then announced the prizes: RM200 for 3rd place, RM300 for 2nd place, and RM500 for 1st place! The emcees then decided to put the hyped-up audience out of their misery and call onto the stage the first performer, thus, starting the competition.

The performances were judged on preparation, delivery or quality, stage presence, creativity and on the performance as a whole. After all the performances, the audience members were asked to vote, and these votes had a 40% weighting factor.

The three winners were: in 3rd place, Stefan New, a mostly self-taught pianist, who beautifully performed Unravel on the piano, which the judges thought was “really, really amazing”; in 2nd place Jackie Thien, also on the piano, made the judges “see their childhood come to life,” with a remarkable Disney-inspired performance; and in 1st place was a rap and beatboxing duo called Pandan Serai, consisting of Alex Yusof and Krish Sajnani, who masterfully dissed our beloved cafeteria (and even our university), an upbeat performance which made the judges want to dance.

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The judges and audience members loved each of the three winning performances, however every single person who performed at IMU LIVE was a winner in their own right.


Written by: Prina Singh

Photos credits: IMU Live 2018 facebook page

For more photos and videos: IMU Live 2018 facebook page

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