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IMU Cup, as we all know, is one of the most anticipated events of the year, where all the houses come down to battle for their pride and victory.

Now, the event was set to start at 6:30 pm, where they introduce the whole series of competitions as their first agenda: the IMU Cup opening ceremony during which the houses would show off their best moves.

It all began with the beautifully themed introduction video and went on to the teams revealing their banners hanging from the third floor.

Before the team set out in war mode, our very own IMU K-Pop gave us a mind-blowing performance, after which the battle of the dancers officially began.

Group Performances began with Griffin showcasing their idea of ballet and a body with no bones, followed by Hydra with 9 beautiful super-heroines to show us that girls really do run the world. Next up was Pegasus with some 24K magic and their melancholic all-black and all-white outfits.

After those intense dances, it was time for a short relaxing break with the Cheapskates who took us on a short musical journey with our Bruno Mars favourites.

The group performances then resumed with Phoenix dancing along to Megan Trainor’s “Dear future husband” and The Chainsmokers’ “Closer” in which they creatively formed a human Range Rover. Next we had a Cinderella-themed performance from Taurus with masqueraded beauties who seemed liked they were floating in their long flowing dresses and a very lucky Samin in his black bell-bottoms. Last but not the least was Draco who had lots of prop use going, a lot of nude-coloured costumes ranging from pinks to browns and a very unique Hoodjabi (you go girl!).

With the group performances wrapped up, the Cypher Round began and lasted quite a while to the point where the free-stylers did seem to have tired out. The aim was to pop moves to DJ Aaliyana’s beats in the best, most unique manner possible — though it did tend to get monotonous from time to time. One thing from each team to take home from the Cypher Round is that Draco’s got an awesome hoodjabi, Griffin was always down to earth (quite literally doing all their moves on the floor), Taurus kids have bodies made of rubber, Phoenix won’t mind breaking every bone in their body to win this round, and Pegasus are never afraid to pick up a fight.

The night ended with eager performances from the three Judges which brought the dead audience back to life.

At the end, results for the opening ceremony were:


1st Place: Phoenix


1st Runner up: Pegasus


2nd Runner up: Hydra 

All in all, the IMU Cup opening ceremony was a must-watch event.


Written by: Ms.Sana

Photo by: IMU Photography club

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