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IMU Cup 2016 Opening Ceremony

IMU Cup to many IMU-ians is one of the most highly anticipated events in our university. This annual occasion is a beautiful marriage of strength, creativity, and friendship, all held together by true sportsmanship. It took us months of intense discussions and preparation, gearing up towards our grand opening ceremony.

Nevertheless, IMU Cup 2016 started off with a bang on the 1st of September with music blasting and our enthusiastic emcees (Justin and Nicole) hyping up the crowd. After a short introduction of the main committee and judges, we kicked it off with our very first event, DANCE! There are 6 houses in total – Hydra, Phoenix, Draco, Pegasus, Griffin and Taurus. This year’s designated themes for dance are Horror, High School and Criminal.


Dancers from each house performed their heart out as their friends and families cheered them on with joy. It was truly a heart-warming scene as people came together to support dancers from different houses. At the end of each performance, the judges gave a short comment on how they did and how they could improve themselves.

As entertaining as the show was, it had to come to an end, with Phoenix taking the gold medal home. Draco clenched the second place as Pegasus locked in as 2nd runner up. The other teams may not have won the dance showdown, but they made our hearts yearn for more! The night ended with special performances from each of our 3 invited judges. They gave the audience a truly eye-catching experience with their skills and technicalities.

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IMU Cup 2016 Main Committee
President – Cheng Quo Liang
Vice Presidents – Benjamin Wong Ngie Xiong & Yap Jun Yan
Treasurer – Tan Eng Hao
Secretary – Chelsia Ng
PR – Vanessa Yaw & Agnes Lim

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