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IMU Ball 2018: Le Rêverie


A ball is a magical night when girls and boys dress up in fancy, flowing gowns and well-fitting tuxedos and make memories (usually by means of a front camera) which they will cherish for the rest of their lives.


This year, IMU Ball 2018: Le Rêverie was organised by an enthusiastic student committee in hopes that both the students and staff of IMU would seize this opportunity and get a well deserved break from their busy university and working life. The event was held at DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel in Kuala Lumpur on 23rd of March 2018, and themed ‘Alice in Wonderland’. The ballroom was filled with bright flowers and petals, exquisite decorations and other Wonderland-style flourishes that added to the experience of transporting ball-goers to Carroll’s fictional world.



The evening commenced with the emcees inviting onto the stage Mr. Chan Jie Yong, President of IMU Ball 2018, Mr. Eric Ngu and Ms. Chow Wai Hoong, Vice Presidents of IMU Ball 2018, and Mr James and his colleagues as representatives from AK Group Holdings, the main sponsor of the event, for an opening ceremony. This was then followed by a brief welcoming speech by the president. He stated that the idea of making IMU Ball 2018 a social event for both students and staff, for the first time, allowed them to interact and engage with one another in a more relaxed setting. He also expressed his gratitude to all sponsors, especially AK Group Holdings, and to all members of IMU staff, all the committees, as well as all the students and lecturers for supporting this event and making it a success.


The real fun began when Elixir and Singaholics performances, their melodious tune adding to the atmosphere. This was followed by a performance by Jacky, a talented pianist from BM1/16, whose expression captivated  the audiences, after which, a dance team led by IMU students concluded the performances of the evening.


To further spice up the night, the nominees for prom king, prom queen, best couple and best dressed, were invited to interact with the attendees. Each of them participated in small games and funny punishments to win over the guests.

The lucky draw was definitely a session no one wanted to miss! Everyone was eager to see who would win the grand prizes: an iPad mini, an ASUS laptop and an HP Inkjet printer. The excitement and anticipation grew in the ballroom as the emcees drew number after number; it was a heart-warming scene to see the students and staff interacting so freely with each other.

The night came to an end as the winners were announced for each category. The hard work that the organizing committee had put in since November of 2017 had finally paid off, in the form of a whimsical evening, which carried everyone to Carroll’s famous Wonderland.

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IMU Ball 2018: Le Rêverie organizing committee is signing off now. Hope to see you all next year.

Congratulations to all the winners:

Prom Queen: Eunice Tang Jia Lin (ME 1/17)

Prom King: Chan Chun Fai (DT 1/16)

Best Couple: Kor Win Sheng (ME 1/16) and How Suet Yuet (ME 1/16)

Best Dressed, Female: Yong Kha Ern (ME 2/16)

Best Dressed, Male: Shamir Das (PS 2/15)


Written by: Eddy Yii & Yuki Lee

Edited by: Prina Singh & Emlynne

Photo credits: IMU BALL 2018: Le Rêverie Facebook Page

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