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If Life Was An Actual Product


You have received LifeTM! Subjected to only the following amount:


Section 1: LifeTM

LifeTM is the exciting product that changes and evolves into many countless possibilities, simply by making and/or not making ChoicesTM (refer to section 2)!

Disclaimer/ Terms and Conditions regarding LifeTM

  1. LifeTM is not returnable at any given time and under any circumstances.
  2. LifeTM is not exchangeable at any given time and under any circumstances with a new LifeTM, or with other person(s) who also possess LifeTM.
  3. Mint conditions of LifeTM may vary and is subjected to the economic and social settings of the receiver.
  4. Satisfaction towards LifeTM is subjected wholly to the perception of the receiver; desirable and/or positive outcomes are not guaranteed.
  5. Damages and/or premature termination of LifeTM is entirely the responsibility of the receiver, or in some other cases, the responsibility of other person(s) with LifeTM. No warranty for LifeTM is provided.
  6. Enquiries and services regarding operation and maintenance LifeTM are not, and will never be provided. For more information, please look to other person(s) that currently owned, or had owned LifeTM, for guidance and reference.

Section 2: ChoicesTM

ChoicesTM is an important component in LifeTM where you will have to make decisions and choose from options to make progress with LifeTM. When deciding on ChoicesTM, apart from fulfilling your own needs/ wants/ hopes/ wishes, we recommend meeting one or all of the following conditions:

  1. Satisfies all the existing requirements of laws, rules and regulations, of any/all relevant institutions, state, country and unwritten moral codes.
  2. Fulfils expectations of, or is concurred by other person(s) with LifeTM of significant importance*
  3. Is beneficial* to one and/or many and/or all parties mentioned above.

* To be defined by the receiver of LifeTM

Failure to comply with at least one of the above may result in (not limited to) sadness, depression, incarceration, loneliness, loss, madness, social rejection, antisocial behaviours, feelings of inadequateness, death, other declines in mental health and negative feeling(s) or emotion(s).

Additional Notes:

  1. LifeTM is subject to change without prior notice
  2. In any situation involving other person(s) with LifeTM, refer to section (2) for recommendations.

Now that we’re completely clear, get out there and have fun with LifeTM! Build a spaceship! Have a family! See the world! Whatever you choose to do, we hope you enjoy LifeTM!

Best Wishes,



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