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Happiness Is A Few Miles Away

Written By Mariam Aly I. Aly – ME218

A flash of light; a flash of memory strikes you every now and then, taking you back to a moment of trauma, a moment of heartbreak or a moment of pain.

It hits you and your feelings boil up with the same intense pain you felt back then.

A shed of tears, a paralysed moment & a mute scream prevail. 

It feels like forever, it feels like millions of years.

No one’s around…or maybe, there are many around but don’t quite understand or don’t quite relate…or maybe there is someone around who relates, who understands & who is there for you (which is quite rare & which is an absolute luck to be blessed with).

Whoever is there & whoever is not, whatever the Why-s & the Why not-s, however the pain & whichever its cause, happiness is a few miles away.

It starts with a belief in an inevitable fact; that you are not anyone less to not live happily, passionately & sparklingly. It starts with a dream, persists with a hope & ends with happiness coming true.

Sounds like a fairy tale & life is far more realistic than the “happily ever after” stories.

But living a fairy tale is not the objective, it’s to live a realistic form of what you deserve that you doubt you don’t. Everyone, including you, deserves a new page, a new chapter, a new beginning & a happy life with happy moments.

Happiness is a few miles away; your past & your pain might be because of people or circumstances & that is unchangeable…but seeking happiness is your own journey regardless of whoever, whatever, whenever & wherever.

Happiness is a few miles away when you begin with the belief that you deserve it & when you begin with a dream. Start taking care of yourself & your mental health & your healing journey. Start a new change and a new beginning. List your aim, your dreams & your desired changes & let the journey kick off.

Happiness is a few miles away & it could take months or minutes. The longevity doesn’t matter as long as you’re taking comfortable & healthy steps towards it. Doesn’t matter if you’re taking baby steps or major ones. A baby step is not too little, but rather, an inspiration of walking comfortably & constructively through your journey. A major step is not better & is not an achievement unless it’s what your definition of walking comfortably & constructively towards your goal.

Taking a step itself is the achievement not their sizes or their forms; so choose the steps that make you comfortable & keep going. And don’t hesitate to seek help if you feel you’re drifting away or if you stumble upon a rocky road. It takes a courageous striving soul to seek help in one’s life journey.


Happiness is a few miles away.

It starts with a dream, persists with a hope & ends with happiness coming true.



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