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Goodwill Games 2016: Bukit Jalil Team Retains the Throne

Making our way to Seremban at the break of dawn for the annual Goodwill Games conducted between the Bukit Jalil IMU Campus and IMU Clinical School was especially enthralling. Sleepy eyes quickly turn bright as attendees arrived at the destination, Kompleks Belia & Sukan Paroi. The contenders from Bukit Jalil and Clinical School, donned in red and blue variants of the Goodwill Games T-Shirt respectively started their warm-up sessions.

……..After several last rounds of practices, the participants were ready and various sport categories commenced. Badminton and Table Tennis categories took place within the indoor stadium whilst other categories were carried out on the outdoor fields. This year was also graced with the introduction of two novel sport categories, namely Frisbee and Dodgeball. Several players did get sprained ankles and other minor scrapes and bruises, but thanks to the First Aid-ers involved in the event, no major injuries occurred to any of the players.

……..Everybody was pumped and performed extraordinarily, but there could only be one overall winner between the two opposing teams. It was eventually revealed that the teams from Bukit Jalil Campus snagged the first place in not just most but ALL categories, which was unprecedented. All in all, everybody was thrilled to have competed against each other, and the games ended at a high note, all in good will.

Check out some of the best moments from this event!

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