Going For Gold With Ong Joo Yi


Ong Joo Yi, Taurus House Cheerleading Captain 

Joo Yi is a chiropractic student in her sixth semester. She has led her squad to victory in the IMU Cup Cheerleading Competition – hands down the most beloved event in IMU. We met up with her to celebrate her victory 

What’s the secret of success of your team?

The secret of winning this is a lot hard work, discipline, never give up and positive energy from each other.

How did your team start up? How was the recruitment process?

Many newbies came and showed their interest during tryouts – some knew by word of mouth, some by Facebook notice and some came with friends. But only a few made it through as we needed to limit our numbers. It wasn’t very tough recruiting because initially we had about ten seniors from last year’s team joining. Some strong friendship bonds were formed last year! Unfortunately, later on some of them couldn’t cope with studies, so we had to find replacements. Despite this, I’m glad to say that I had no trouble in forcing people into joining the Taurus cheer team – most of them are very disciplined.

Talk us through your training process. 

We started our practice around the end of April. During the first two months, members came and went, so we were teaching the newbies the basics about cheerleading to give them a rough idea of what cheerleading is about. We started practicing the tougher skills that are to be included in the routine in mid-July.

We did a lot of strength training, stretching to improve our flexibility, jumps and stunts. Personally, I had a lot of hope in this year’s team! I thought we might have a change to win this if we worked hard and started early. I conveyed the message to every member of the team – that we are aiming for something big this year. I am so glad that they have been with me throughout this whole journey. We finally made it!

I am so glad that [the team] have been with me throughout this whole journey.

Tell us about the happiest and saddest moments of your team.

After being together for 6 months, the happiest moment is that we are able to meet each other through cheerleading, and the friendship bonds formed through this are unbreakable. Learning to put your lives into others’ hands and being able to trust them are some of the most precious things that we gained throughout this whole journey. The happiest moments are definitely when we could hit perfect stunts and master new skills. Everyone is so happy to learn and they are very open minded towards suggestions.

Is there anyone in particular you would like to thank for your success? What advice would you like to give to those anyone who might be interested in cheerleading?

There are many people that we would like to thank for making this dream come true. We have very dedicated coaches who are very motivating – always encouraging us to try new things even when we want to give up.

I would like to advise those who are shy but interested to be brave and give yourself a chance to experience this journey yourself! It is very fun to be able to know people from different courses. From being strangers on day one, to being inseparable best friends after 6 months of training. Not only that, when you achieve something in cheer leading, the feeling is beyond amazing, you will be proud of your achievements. Never try, never know. So I would advise those who are interested in cheer, to step out of your comfort zone, to give yourself a chance to be a part of this family.

 Be brave and give yourself a chance to experience this journey yourself!



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