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Freedom In Mind #EW19

In its abstract form, calmly it goes. 

It is something I would like to feel,  

to hold and to have. 

As it gives calamity to me, 

saying everything is fine. 


Longed to be in my real self,  

when I can laugh and cry without anyone telling me when to, 

please don’t force me with something,  

somehow it gave me uneasiness. 

Let millions and billions of them fly at their own pace should be better.  


Eager to retrieve the right of helping people in need. 

Only if it is not camouflaged by something else beneath it. 

Shouldn’t it be misused as an advantage, 

in this relationship of trust. 

I claim it as my right to help. 


Hoping to be an honored child of the great motherland. 

The land greatly matured richness of everywhere and our successful home. 

I know my home. 

It might not be the best, 

yet it is the land I freely trust and love. 

Standing on this land, I am a child with the right to hope. 

And I am free on the land. 


My dream for this happily ever after, 

The name is freedom. 

The idea to live on with my sparkle and will, what makes it so difficult? 

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