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Food Review: ‘Thirty Seconds’ is All You Need

Café culture is becoming famous especially among the young people nowadays, leading to the mushrooming of cafés in these few years. To be the outstanding ones within the competitors in the industry, specialties of the food served along with quality customer service is pretty important. Thirty Seconds, a café that located in Bandar Sri Damansara has both keys thus it is one of the popular café with high online rating.

The location of this café is in the residential area, with a very comfy yet simple interior that gives the feeling of dining or having tea at home. It is not hard to notice that some of the customers are visiting with their kids and elderlies, knowing Thirty Seconds is one of the hot spot of the residents who staying nearby.

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Upon entering the café, the owner, Mr Phua give warm greetings to the customers and passionately introducing their signature dishes and beverages for the first-time visiting customers. He would also ask for customer’s feedback and suggestion later which also show some acknowledgement to the customers, leaving a very good impression on their customer service.

Thirty seconds also serve good food, and of course, good coffee. The food selection is quite diverse as not only western food like pasta and big breakfast are available but also some local delights. Their “Fatty Rice” (RM10), which technically is homemade nasi lemak and the Sodium Oatmeal (RM9) can be consider as their signature dishes. The Fatty Rice served with a big tender and juicy fried chicken drumstick and homemade savoury sambals. Those who do not want to have spicy food in the morning, can give a try on their Sodium Oatmeal – the oatmeal porridge topped with chicken and mushroom.



The all-time-favourite cake in the café is “The King”, which is the peanut butter and banana cake. It is one of the must-try cake! The cake may sounds greasy, but not the taste. Another special is definitely the Nasi Lemak Cake. It was just their homemade nasi lemak that looks like a normal cake. Those who are crazily in love with nasi lemak may give a try on this.


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Why they named the café as Thirty Seconds? The reason behind is rather simple. Because the ideal time to extract an espresso is thirty seconds. This shows how much they care about the quality of the coffee. Their son, Aaron is the main barista with excellent skills in handling coffee. He even participated in a world latte art championship proving his ability as a professional barista.

According to another barista – YR, they are using the Arabica coffee beans from Degayo while the house blend of the café is the combination between Columbia and Indonesia coffee beans. She also mentioned that the café are selling the special hand brew coffee these days, using a different type of coffee beans from their usual. Therefore, it will be a little bit different from usual and you may be surprised! The signature coffee in their menu is CO2 which does not taste like an ordinary coffee but it taste like a combination of coffee and beer. However, no alcohol is added into the beverage. Instead, it was made with soda water in low temperature. Personally, I would recommend their piccolo latte (RM9), which it technically is like the baby latte. The ristretto shot of espresso blends perfectly with a small amount of warm milk, with slightly stronger coffee scent than a flat white does. If you could not decide, kindly ask the friendly baristas for their recommendation of the day.



Thirty Seconds @ Bandar Sri Damansara

Address: 7, Jalan Margosa SD 10/4a, Bandar Sri Damansara, 52200 W. P. Kuala Lumpur

Contact Number: +60 12-268 6919 

Opening hours: Sun – Thurs (8am-9pm); Fri – Sat (8am-10pm); Closed on Wednesdays


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