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Fitness Challenge and Powerlifting Competition

On the 5th – 7th of October, in conjunction with IMU Cup 2016, The World Spine Day committee organized and hosted the IMU Fitness Challenge and the Powerlifting Competition held at driveway and atrium respectively. Both of these competitions aim to motivate students to achieve a better physical level and to promote awareness of physical health. Pre-event involved video shooting of tutorial videos of the Fitness Challenge where it was broadcasted on a Tv at the driveway as well as on our WSD page @ Facebook. Setting up of both events took place on the 4th of October, around noon where the World Spine Day subcommittees start setting up the equipment in the atrium. Registration for the Fitness Challenge took place at 9am and ran on a first come first serve basis.

The prizes (except medals) were given to the first 100 finishers. However, we did not restrict additional participants as this event is to promote and motivate IMU students to achieve a better physical fitness level. Approximately 150 participants consisting of staff and students took part in this Fitness Challenge but badges were given out to the first 100 participants. Distributions of medals were categorized into different classes: Male: Class 1 (above 75kg), Male: Class 2 (below 75kg), Female: Class 1 (above 50kg), Female: Class 2 (below 50kg) and as well as Staff: Open Category The Fitness Challenge consist of a series of 5 exercises, where participants are to complete all of the exercise in a particular order. Exercises include: 10x Burpees, 10x Chin Up/Pull Up, Crucifix Hold for 60seconds, Farmers Walk of 25metres and Standing Broad Jumps for 10metres. Crew and helpers of the Fitness Challenge consist of Chiropractic Students from CH115, CH215, and CH116.

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The winning house of Fitness Challenge 2016 was Phoenix, followed by Pegasus and Griffin with a total of 365 points, 330 points, 300 points respectively. Powerlifting Competition took place in the atrium for three days at 11am-3pm. This powerlifting competition consists of the same three exercises conducted internationally which are the squats, bench press, and deadlift. Students registered for this competition by submitting a video of students doing 3 repetition of squats, 3 repetitions of bench presses, and 3 repetitions of deadlifts to a IMU Powerlifters @ Facebook. The Powerlifting Competition were separated into 4 categories: Male students above 80kg, Male students from 79.9kg -70kg, Male student below 70kg, Female students above 55kg, Female students below 55kg, and Male Open (IMU Staff). Each competitor were given 4 sets to work up to their heaviest weights. These 4 sets will include the warm up for each lifts.

The winning house of this year’s Powerlifting Competition was Griffin, scoring total medal points of 12 whereas Taurus and Phoenix scored a total of 8 and 7 respectively. To wrap this up, although there were several hiccups along the way in terms of shortage of weights, lack of manpower, insufficient time, clashing of classes, but overall these two events was a success because the WSD Committees and Crew took shifts and put in tons of effort to pull this two events off.

We would also like to thank our overseer Mr. Alexius Cheang who have been constantly supporting us throughout the whole process by giving us suggestions and advice on how to run these two events.img_8509img_8551img_8571

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