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Facebook is arguably the biggest and most popular social networking site today. Initially it was touted to be a networking platform for only collage students and young adults but over the years it has created a niche for itself among adult users as well. This is a clear sign that Facebook is fast becoming the most popular social networking site across all age groups. Apart from just various purposes like marketing, promotion, chatting and communicating with others. Facebook is helping us in many ways and also harming us in other ways. Hence, I partially agree that Facebook greatly benefits the young people of today.

Firstly, you can share information on Facebook. Whether personal or professional, Facebook is also a great place to share information with your colleagues, friends and family. This includes your cell phone number, date of birth, place of birth, your likes and dislikes as well as other information that you need others to know about you. You can also ask public questions, get feedback on certain things, share blogs, notes, pictures of events and even add links to interesting videos and pictures. You can also comment on what your friends post online and enjoy great conversations. Nevertheless, showing too much of information on Facebook can lead to invasion of privacy. This is because Facebook is vulnerable to attacks and several hackers have been actively altering people’s profile information on daily basis. Also, a lot of pictures are uploaded on Facebook every day and some pictures uploaded contain viruses. On opening those virus attacked pictures, you create a danger to your data and computer. Hence, revealing too much information on Facebook has its positive and negative effects.

Secondly, you can use Facebook to chat with your friends and the people you may know. With the invention of Facebook, gone are those days when a phone call was the only way to hold a conversation with a person who is far away from you. Now, there are many ways to communicate with others and Facebook chat is one way. Facebook provides a simple, small chatting application that can be used to chat with your friends who are online. In addition to that, with Facebook you can play games, browse through latest updates and chat with your friends simultaneously. Unfortunately, the chat application on Facebook reduces face-to-face communication. Some people may think that it is convenient for them to communicate through chat application instead of calling or meeting up with their friends, but then they tend to forget about the importance of body language, voice inflection and have disagreements with their friends when messages sent are misunderstood. This leads to relationships turning sour. Thus, the chat application on Facebook has its pros and cons and hence, we should use it wisely.

Thirdly, Facebook can also be used to find school and college friends and to get in touch with old acquaintances. Today, almost every internet user uses Facebook. Using Facebook, you can find your old friends, colleagues whom you have lost contact and with them online again. Facebook’s friend finder feature allows you to find your friends with their names or email addresses. Nevertheless, staying in touch with Facebook be a waste of time. Facebook can be very addictive. Once you stay connected with other friends, you will realize how often you login for another chat and discover what other members are doing. Some people know the drawbacks of Facebook but cannot help staying connected to old friends whom they have not seen in years. All this will certainly make you become addicted to Facebook. Many hours are wasted on Facebook when one could have done something more important than using Facebook. Staying connected with friends through Facebook is an excellent idea, but one needs to know his or her priority so that you would not neglect yor work and family and get addicted to Facebook.

Spams and scams on social networking sites are common. Many users receive emails nearly every day from anonymous users asking to date and chat with them, it has continuously become frustrating to receive all these useless spam emails and there is no solution for it. Scam is an extra problem for users; unfortunately, some scammers trick members and scam them in some ways to steal from their accounts. An ordinary recognized trick could be through a phishing website which looks very similar to Facebook and people believe that they are still on the official Facebook website. Once a member logs in using their emails and password, scammers will access that account and scam their friends, spreading further scam and viruses through the website. Fake websites can also steal your bank information if consumers fall prey to their advertisements. It is important for all Facebook users to be alert of such spams and scams to avoid falling prey to this crime.

Hence, Facebook is a ‘one-stop-shop’ for entertainment, communication and sharing of information with others. Nevertheless, there are also drawbacks that can cause its users to become addicted to Facebook. Thus, we should use this social networking site wisely and safeguard ourselves against cyber crimes.


Gurpreet Gill  (BP114)





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