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Diaries of a Shopaholic

Shopping, to many, is enjoyable, exciting and fun and on the opposite side of the world, it might be boring or hideous to many others. Beyond this world of the two opposite sides, there is another universe that tells a shopaholic story where
every colour and every style are meant to speak a word.

A shopaholic doesn’t shop 24/7 like many assume and doesn’t buy dozens of clothes like many think, but rather, shops precisely looking into the details of details making sure that every piece bought speaks a part of their character.

More importantly, a shopaholic doesn’t necessarily have a fancy rich life..It’s not about shopping the expensive brands, it’s rather about shopping right.

A sneak peek into the shopaholic universe:
The colours you wear reflect your mood or how life has been going with you for the meantime. This might sparkle a few debates because each season has its own trendy colours that people wear so it might seem it’s more about the trend rather than the mood…but doesn’t your eagerness to follow the trendy colours reflect how your mood is going well?

Your choice of style reflects your character. It’s not just wearing chic because there could be 2 chic outfits, but each speaks a different language.

Choosing to wear a bold, but yet, a trendy style could give us a glimpse of what speaks of your mind being adventurous and upbeat and more importantly, daring to go the extra mile taking risks to thrive your way throughout your journey.

But choosing a trendy safe style doesn’t still paint you out. It says a lot about your calm charming character and how it takes such a clear and peace of mind through every step you take.

And the list goes forever.

The shopaholic story isn’t about just wearing chic or just blindly following the trends. It’s about being you. The colours you wear are how you feel and what you wear is what you speak.

Every detail speaks a part of your story so make sure you know what to write and how your story should be like.

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