Boredom Busters


Delusions.The not-so-witty demeanor. Dilated pupils. The instantaneous eye-contact-avoidance technique which fails miserably. Funny blabbers. The shy acts. Palpitations (mild ones). Pretty much sums up my open secret. The bitter truth? I’m not the only one. Each of us, at a point in life, are strung by those electrifying little attractions to celebrities, lecturers, the other guy you meet through a mutual friend, a batch-mate, or anyone in that manner (the former two being substantially trivial and are viable to be ruled out with immediate effect).

The rule is simple – opposite poles attract. And a cumbersome fact which follows – it never lasts. And as one or two of my friends rattle; how do you know that a person is as beautiful as he/she looks? Looks can be deceiving, my friend. So which peculiarities matter? How do you choose someone as a friend, per se? How do you not judge a book by its cover? And how good are the perceptions you create to your own self by scanning through the multitude of social networks (the word is STALK on a disconcerting note), namely Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter? (Trifling subjects, if you ask me). Will it possibly make a difference if you were to initiate a conversation with the person of interest rather than justifying your non-existence? Will it be interesting if you greeted him/her with a smile or a “Hello” compared to digging his/her story through others?

The rule is simple – opposite poles attract. And a cumbersome fact which follows – it never lasts.

Communicate, my friend. Technology has ripped our life so apart that we don’t spare enough time to lift our heads off our mobile phones and observe the world around us. The world which might be a whole lot different given any of us had taken the initiative. Ubiquitous technology, they say. It has taught us nothing but merely impinging on other people’s lives in the dire hope of changing things in our lives so that we are equivalent to what the world denotes as “The Cool Subgroup”.

You, me, and him; we are not so different from each other.

Behold the truth, my friend. You, me, and him; we are not so different from each other. We are versatile, and we are unique on our own. Remember genetic diversity enhances formidable survival skills? What I am emphasizing on, is not so much different. I ask myself every day, ’ What if’? What if I had mustered enough strength to communicate with a person I find to be enormously attractive? Would it be any different from what it is now? But at least I will be free from the turmoil of juggling between Yes and No. The self-esteem that we pretentiously flaunt during interviews, is it of no use on a daily basis? Eleanor Roosevelt once said, “No one can make you feel inferior without your consent”. Therefore, my friend; be bold, confident and optimistic, and you will never be able to fathom the heights to which life uplifts you (this invariably includes your crush talking to you RATHER THAN brushing your sight away). As for me, I solemnly swear that I will stop stalking and be real. Unleash your true potential, my friend. Designs change, personalities DON’T.


Srivindiya Ramanaidu (ME113)





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