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The love is Permanent, Pure and Perfect. The three P’s that I will always use to describe my love towards my dad. He is the one who brings joy, happiness and laughters to my life. My dad is the one that will pull me up whenever I fall, hug me tightly when I am devastated, and love me the most when I have the world go against me. Like what all will say, my father is the best father in this world. It is cliché but true.

I still remember this day during Ramadan 2016 when my mum told me that my dad was discriminated by a bunch of people due to his excellent performance at work. I remained quiet for a moment. It shattered my heart into pieces to see this culture in the society especially to my dad. “It is okay mum if dad doesn’t seem to receive any recognitions from his colleague, look at all his children. They are all successful. My school teachers recognise my determination and praise both of you for bringing me up so well. Maybe this is one of the ways of God showing His love to dad ?” I told my mum. My mum was stunned and replied “That is true,my dear. I have never thought of that. Your dad is definitely a great man to have great children like all of you.”

Dear dad, I promise to heal you whenever you are sad, hold you tightly everytime and shower you with abundance of affection all the time. I will pray to God to keep you safe in His arms and always shower you with infinity love from everyone. I dedicate all my success to you and mum because I believe behind every great daughter is a truly amazing DAD!



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