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Community Submission: Don’t

Keep on smiling
and hide it all.
The failures inside
the ugly fall.
You’re breaking down
losing your mind.
The chances gone
never again you’ll find.
It’s a beautiful day
in a beautiful life.
But you messed it up
there’s no putting it right.
This is a message
hopefully you’ll read.
I am still here
in times of your need.
Don’t fall apart
I can be your glue.
Discard your worries
we can still make it through.
The walls you hide behind
let’s be tearing them down.
Don’t fall again to despair
hope still can be found.
Remember them all
all those memories.
No need to be happy
it’s not compulsory.
Just need to be getting by
living the life
Stay where you like
it don’t have to be bright.
Maybe fall in love
get a broken heart.
And fall in love again
maybe it won’t hurt.
Things aren’t bad
you can turn it around.
Free up your soul
maybe write some lines down.
Look at the sun
See how bright it shines.
Don’t be depressed
make good use of your time.

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