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Chinese New Year Celebration in IMU

The festivity of Chinese New Year hasn’t quite ended for most of us who were at the Atrium of the Bukit Jalil Campus on Friday, 19th of February 2016. The first long awinding week post-CNY seemed to have tired people around IMU out but this soon changed when they realized that a Lion Dance contraption was being set in the middle of the Atrium. Soon, people gathered around with brimming anticipation for what might be the last glimpse of the great start of the ‘Year of the Monkey’ before actually delving into it.


Loong Kee’s Lion Dance performers did last minute preparations as the audience were impatiently waiting and at the first loud thumping sound of the drum, faces turned brighter amongst the audience. The performers didn’t disappoint one single bit, being very accommodating in being taken pictures of, all while still having to perform their dance choreographs.

This spectacle was arranged by the HR department of IMU to commemorate Chinese New Year that is rather long overdue, but festive nonetheless. Check out more pictures of the Lion Dance Performance below and last but not least:



Photographs by Andrew Octavian

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