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Cheek to Cheek

The most beautiful smile I came across was undoubtedly from a girl who introduced herself as lollipop. For the longest time I was fooled by her demeanor and sparkling personality that I overlooked whatever faults she had and until this day I failed to find a single fault in this person.

I pondered what had made me admire this girl and it boiled down to one single aspect – her smile.

A simple muscle exercise that would turn your world inside out and bring out the best in you. It is simple but lethal.

Reading about this phenomenon, many fascinating facts emerged throughout my research. Smiles are contagious, smiles boosts your immune system, the most easily recognizable expressions and boost your mood. But even if I were to talk about it from my personal point of view, it almost felt like I had forgotten what being happy was all about.

A feeling so unknown yet is called one of the seven natural reflexes of all human emotions. Negative emotions leave you and elation floods your mind. As a result, I too started to smile, and I believed I was happy. I would smile to my friends, to strangers, to the stray cat on the corner of the road, all the while thinking whether I had become the Joker and only needed the makeup for it.

I was always told that I had a stoic expression; devoid of emotion and statuesque and for the longest time I had believed it. But I changed. I developed. Slowly, to my amazement, I made friends, and they too smiled back at me. The feeling of joy was something shared in this action rather than my own accomplishment in an academic or physical activity.

In every smile shared with another, it would always remind me of you. I thank you, not for teaching me, but for showing me the powerful simplicity of a smile. It really is a wonderful yet abnormal normality. I shall take it and share your beauty with the world.

Your smile will give you a positive countenance that will make people feel comfortable around you – Les Brown


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