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20 SEP 2014 – CHARIOFARE 2014 Live.Run.Love


This year’s Chariofare, as with the previous fairs, was a resounding success. Chariofare 2014 was
held on Saturday, 20th September starting at 7 am and ending at 2.30 pm with various events
centred on and around our campus. All the events were open to students, faculty members, and
their families; allowing us to mingle and have fun whilst building camaraderie outside of our
academic pursuits. It is organized under IMU Care Programme.

The main objective of Chariofare was to raise funds for charity, with the beneficiaries for this year being:
1. Pertubuhan Hospice Negeri Sembilan
2. Pusat Jagaan Kanak-Kanak Cacat Taman Megah
3. Dignity for Children Foundation
4. IMU Cares Disaster Fund

Up till 20th September, with the support of sponsors and effort from our students prior to Chariofare
Day, we were happy to report reaching an initial amount of RM100,000. (The final amount would be
made known at a later date.) A special mention was given to Prof Ong Kok Hai for raising the most
Charity Runrun

The event that never failed to draw a sizeable crowd was the Charity Run. Even though this year’s
event was marred by a heavy pre-dawn drizzle, the 1,200 registered participants were out in full
force. By 8 am, all participants from Categories A (men – 7km), B (women – 7km) and C (teams – 7km)
were at the Finishing Line. The list of five winners from each category were presented with prizes at
the Opening Ceremony.

Opening Ceremony
The Master of Ceremonies (MC) for the programme was Ismail Keekeebhai who did a commendable
job of moving the events along smoothly and seamlessly. He certainly livened up the occasion with
his wit and cheer!
IMU_3607The VIPs present to officiate the ribbon-cutting to kick off Chariofare 2014 were :
– YBhg Tan Sri Dato’ Dr Abu Bakar Suleiman, President of IMU
– Dr Mei Ling Young, Provost of IMU
– Prof Peter Pok, Executive Dean
– Prof Ong Kok Hai, Director of External Affairs
The guest of honour was Datin Paduka Marina binti Mahathir
The ribbon-cutting ceremony was followed by a short speech from our guest of honour, Datin Paduka Marina Mahathir.

Prize-Giving Ceremony
The winners of the Charity Run in the morning were called up to receive their medals from the VIPs. YBhg Tan Sri Dato’ Dr Abu Bakar Suleiman presented the medals to winners of Category A. Dr Mei
Ling Young presented the medals to winners of Category B; and Professor Ong Kok Hai presented the
medals to winners of Category C.
For his efforts at raising the most money for charity this year, Prof Ong himself was awarded with a
medal. Bravo!

Lucky Draws
Two rounds of lucky draws were held with fantastic prizes prizes given away to the lucky winners.
Prizes included autographed copies of ‘Telling It Straight’ by Datin Paduka Marina Mahathir; 4D/3N
Langkawi-Phuket cruises, 40-inch TVs, a one-night stay in Mandarin Oriental with dining included,
and even an iPhone 5c! Other prizes included Fitness First memberships, tickets to Legoland,
Kidzania, Puteri harbour and sports bags.

Students’ performances
What is a carnival without performances? Interspersed between the prize-giving ceremony and lucky
draws were performances from IMU students. Highly entertaining, the varied performances
demonstrated the versatility and talents of our students. Guests were treated to a guitar solo,
beatboxing, a repertoire of dances and songs from the Living Dance Academy and students
While the opening ceremony, performances and lucky draws were drawing enthusiastic response
from the crowd in the Atrium, other events were being held simultaneously. There were Games
(Dunking Booth, baseball, futsal among others); and Crafts (nail art, face painting and others). There
was even a Photo Booth to help encapsulate your memories in a handy group photo!

IMU_3847 DSC_6381







Food sale @ Carnival!

The food stalls were hugely popular and offered delicacies ranging from nasi lemak to Gulab Jamun
to omelettes and pancakes. There were 26 food stalls in operation. Needless to say, there wasn’t
much leftovers at the end of the fair.

IMU_3872 IMU_3859







Moving on to…Chariofare 2015!
Chariofare has always been a much anticipated event in IMU. The work is constantly on-going and
we are always glad for new hands coming onboard. The working committees would comprise IMU
students from different intakes. There is no restriction as to your age or intake. If you have the time,
the commitment and passion for some charity work, then Chariofare 2015 is your cup of tea!

Make sure you keep an eye for the committee recruitment on the Chariofare Facebook page!

We hope to see you next year! 😀ere

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