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An Ode to Durian

I often wonder about how my life would be 

If we hadn’t met.

If I didn’t notice your scent lingering 

long after you had left the room

If I hadn’t seen you for you, 

Instead of the spiky exterior everybody else knew,

And then it happened.


The smallest taste and my brain was askew

See, you weren’t like the rest of them. 

You weren’t subtle about anything. 

You were fierce, 


You contradicted yourself so beautifully

I felt guilty for being confused.

But sweet things too, turn sour eventually

Yes, the last thing people felt about you was indifference 

And yes, it was this same quality I once so strongly envied


But you,

You flew too close to the sun, Icarus 

The distinct smell I once recognised immediately turned pungent…

It was clear we were nearing our end 

I hated how there was so much of you I couldn’t comprehend 

The more I came to know, the harder 

you were to defend.


Suddenly you were too much 

Too loud, 

too unforgiving. 

Too much of something 

for me to just feel indifferent. 

So I decided to let go,

of what could never truly be mine.


I hope we’re acquainted in another lifetime 

And I hope we can be friends. 

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