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A Father

Holding a bouquet of pink roses in my arms, I continue walking down a quiet and soggy path. The strong fragrance of flowers is mixed with the smell of earth after the rain. My heart is beating rapidly that I wonder whether if I have an arrhythmia. Laughing at my own silly thoughts, my mind wanders to that person who made me who I am today.
He who always came home late. Yet listened to my rambling for hours, with a gentle expression.
He who always reprimanded my mistakes. One hand with a rattan stick, one look that sent shivers down my spine.
He who always sneakily stole my snacks. The cause of frequent quarrels in our daily lives.
He who always abided by my side. As we’re both victims to mother’s nagging.
He was a friend, teacher, sibling and partner-in-crime. Most importantly, a father whom I loved and missed dearly.
The wind breeze tickles my nose and I sneeze loudly, which snaps me out of my thoughts.
“Eww, stay away from me. I don’t want your germs and snot on me.”
“Oh, shut it, it’s just a cough reflex! You know I’m not even sick. Besides, even if you do get sick, you got me right here.”
I roll my eyes at my younger brother who is standing beside me with an obvious look of disgust on his face.
“How am I gonna trust you when you were laughing by yourself like a mad scientist just now. How creepy.”
“Hey, what are you implying!”
He snorts at me while I punch him lightly on his arms. When we arrive, I face a familiar grey tombstone and place the flowers in front of it. With my brightest smile, I whispered softly,
“It’s been a while, dad.”

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