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8 – 9 NOV 2014 – Martial Art Camp

For the first time in IMU history, the Taekwondo Club and Chinese Martial Arts Club brought forward the Martial Arts Camp. This is an unprecedented activity, where the participants are whisked off to the Taman Botani Negara in Shah Alam for 2 days and 1 night, to experience a taste of Taekwondo and Chinese Martial Arts Training.

Our activities include Taekwondo Training, CMA training, and self defense training. On top of that, the highlight of the camp is the weapon training, where participants will be instructed in the basics of using weapons, in this case, a Miao Dao. However, it’s not all hard work and no fun! In between all the training, we toured the park, visited the Herbal Farm, and prepared dinner together.
2 days and 1 night is shorter than it sounds. It didn’t take long before we had to board the bus home. Through this camp, experience was gained and friendship was made. Based on our happy faces, you can see that this is one memory that we will always cherish in our heart.


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