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7 NOV 2014 – IMU Cup Closing Ceremony

Every beginning has an ending

IMU Cup 2014 has finally come to an end. The annual, much anticipated event of IMU has definitely showcased some of the best sportsmanship, leadership and teamwork among all 6 sport houses.  It has been a gruelling, hectic month for each and every one of us who have shed blood, tears and sweat, just to taste the sweetness of victory.

The closing ceremony of IMU Cup was held in the Atrium. It was a glitzy highlight of IMU Cup with the final event, cheerleading. This is the only event where everyone gathered to support their cheerleading teams and scream their lungs out, literally! The ceremony started at about 7 pm with a dance performance and needless to say, the dancers brought the house down with their sexy moves. Phoenix and Pegasus were the first two teams to perform and both executed their routine quite impressively with minor glitches in stunts. Team Taurus was the crowd favourite and the screams were never ending as they took to the mat. Their tumbles, choreography and stunts were on cue, but the best was their ending pyramid which was unlike any other. Draco performed next and before starting, they engaged the crowd to chant along with them. They were the last year’s champion and it was definitely exciting to watch this team executing their almost flawless, clean routine. Hydra showcased great showmanship and their props were great accompaniments to their routine. Griffin was the final team to perform for the night and of course, they tried their best and performed well.

1497892_596893333769831_6362937857612128480_o1485931_597154110410420_8373073692882311927_o 10383831_596881963770968_6169438842585922606_o1801369_597154123743752_3728499845473391819_o10548962_596893633769801_683498270747904567_o 10714493_596882200437611_7862566191863163955_oThe ceremony proceeded with gold medals presentation to the respective winners of the sports events during the entire IMU Cup. During that time, the judges for the cheerleading event were having their discussions and tabulating the scores for all the teams which had performed. The moment everyone was waiting for has finally arrived with the announcement of the results. Taurus was crowned the champion with Draco as the first runner up and Hydra taking the second runner up. The overall IMU Cup champion was Hydra and there were screams and tears of joys from all the Hydra members. It was a fun-filled night with a rollercoaster of emotions filling every soul who was there to witness the ceremony. See you next year in IMU Cup 2015!

Check out JieCong’s Photography for more photos! 

10653395_10152620713510256_1304551250526188529_nHong Kah Wai (CH0113)





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