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7 FEB 2015 – IMU Inter-universities Table Tennis Tournament

Organized by IMU Table Tennis Club Committee 14/15 dated on 7 Feb (Saturday). The main objectives of hosting this tournament is to provide a platform for table tennis players to learn from each other by interaction, and to enhance relationships among universities.

The committee consisted of Chai Kah Chun (Head) and the rest of the committee members are Jia-Min Tan, Yip Cha Ming, Chen Xue Ruu, Ou Chai Shin.


The event began at about 9am and it ended around 3pm. There were 4 universities (including IMU) that took part in the event. The participated varsities are IMU, UNMS, IPGKBA, and APU. The ranking of the competition are as follows :





The competition was carried out in the format of ‘team round-robin’, which actually means each university had to rival against all the other universities. Each university had to send in 10 players and the particular 10 players are allocated to play for 5 categories (Men’s Single, Men’s Double, Women Single,Women Double and Mixed Double).The winners were decided based on the total number of the winnings in term of categories. There were a total of 40 players who participated in the competition.

Since there is always another side to the coin, there was some problems faced in this event too. One of the major ones is that, some of the invited universities did not respond to our invitation before the stated deadline. Besides, our first scheduled date clashed with their break or exam so we shifted to a second date to accommodate their issues. Furthermore, the limitation of the current facilities was one of the hurdles as well.


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