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5 Facts Of Being An Only Child

When I first entered university, I realised that I am surrounded by four lone children in my group of friends (I haven’t met any before), so I decided to take this chance to find out whether we have any similarities as only child. Below are conversation and conclusion between me and a friend.

1. We think that no one else will be able to understand our world

We always give a lonely impression to others but in fact, we never have a moment of boredom.The long period of being alone enable us to create our own imaginary universe that we can enter no matter time and space.

(But don’t worry, we don’t have delusional disorder)

2. We might seems a bit cold…

We both agree on this issue, that it’s probably due to our calmness in facing whatever difficulties.We think that overreaction wouldn’t be much of a help in any situation and it’s not that we want to ignore others,we are just trying to help by thinking rationally.

3. We can repeatedly do something for a long period

We can repeatedly watch a movie or listen to a song if we love it,without getting bored of it.There’s also a rewind button installed in our head that allow us to review every scene again and again until it is imprinted in our memory.So,it’s kinda hard to change our first impression towards somebody because it sometimes just shows up in our mind.

4. We treat everything with a postive mindset

We tend to think that others treating us well is something extraordinary,but if we encounter any unfair treatment we won’t be upset as well because we often view the world with a positive manner. (So a lone child can be a very good friend haha)

5. We must spend some time alone.

Fact 5 is extremely important because if we don’t do it, we will lose our sanity.

Last but not least,the facts above are just for a pleasure reading. Everyone is unique in their own way and we should not judge a book by its cover. Friendship is a full-time occupation and we should spend some quality time to understand our friends better.


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