21 MAR 2015 – IMU Squash Closed 2015

For the tiny wish for social squash to grow in Malaysia, the Squash Club of our little university decided to start small by organizing the IMU Squash Closed 2015! It was also organized in hopes of introducing the sport to the students and staff members of IMU, for our university mates to understand the game and that they will one day will bring along our friends to share the fun.

The event was held on the 21st of March at the National Squash Stadium, and went on from 1:30pm until the late evening. The event is an individual event, however the prizes are not only limited to the top three but up to eight winners! This is to encourage beginners and to let them know that squash is a sport that is not difficult to pick up and be good at. More than 50 people signed up for it and a lucky draw session was also included with prizes such as sports bags and squash racquets.

The committee reached out and had NUS Metro to spice up the event, including the sponsoring of 20 racquets, event T Shirts and fund donations for the club. As a special guest, NUS Metro also brought Malaysia’s Women No. 2 for Squash, Low Wee Wern, to share her thoughts on squash.

Wee Wern mentioned that even though she decided to go down the squash road, it was not easy. Just like how students attend classes every day, she has to do a lot of training as an athlete. She also does jogging and conditioning during off seasons to build up her stamina for competitions. Wee Wern stated that it takes a lot of patience to keep at it. Despite many people deciding to take up more beginner-friendly sports such as badminton, she thinks people should keep at squash because “it builds character from within without you even realizing it”.

“…it builds character from within without you even realizing it.”

“In most parts of the world, squash is considered a ‘dying’ sport. However, it was definitely very heart warming to see so many students showing interest in squash since it is one of the sports that Malaysia has always excelled in.” Boon Jing, the president of IMU Squash Club 14/15 and IMU Squash closed said. “I hope the squash club will continue to grow not only in terms of number of members, but also in terms of quality of gameplay. I hope more students and staffs from IMU will slowly gain passion and love towards this sport in the future.”


To those who are interested in picking up squash, don’t be shy, grab your friends and your sport shoes! Come join the IMU Squash Club every Thursday in the national squash arena for an exciting fun-filled squash session!

Congratulations to the winners of IMU Squash Closed 2015!



Men’s category Women’s category
Champion Dr Wong Loh Wei Chee
First runner up Daniel Tan Desiree Ang
Second runner up Winston Low Kaylee Gan
4th place Praveen Sinead Cheung
5th place Shreyas Lee Jia Jing
6th place Tan Teck Shen Wong Xiao Ying
7th place Zyaad Farah Hanis
8th place Shanmugan Bimaljeet


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