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14 NOV 2014 – IMU Halloween Night

Still remember the Halloween Event on 14th of November 2014? Of course!!! It was one of the big and greatest events held in 2014.This is one of the most happening event in IMU once a year. this event was organised by the Halloween Core Committee who worked hand in hand with the SRC’s Social Concern Liason, Vikas Kumar.

To ensure that everyone knew about the event, poster were put up almost everywhere in the IMU building. We also set up a fund rising activity such as movie nights one month before the main event. 4 movies namely Zobieland, Tale of Two Sisters, Ju-on and The Ring were screened to raise money for the event and also to get the precious attention of the citizens of IMU. Just one week before the main event, a flash mob took place during the IMU Cup Closing Ceremony to promote our event. Besides that, the eye catching decoration at the atrium were perfectly designed by our creative head, Zaahil Zarook and his team. They successfully managed to get everyone’s attention. Prior to it, a short trailer about the Halloween Event 2014 was created and filmed to promote our event.

On the day itself, game booths were set up inside the Chancellor Hall and all the decoration were put up. the highlight about this event was that no lights were switched on. Instead we only used small lamps which gave off a spooky orange colour light to illuminate the entire hall, brilliantly giving off the Halloween vibes. Most importantly, a free flow mocktail bar  was set up in the middle of the hall to provide free drinks and food to everyone. The most stunning thing about this event was the costumes. Almost everyone who attended the event dressed up in different kinds of costume. Moreover, the face painting booth which was set up outside the Chancellor Hall offered face painting service at a really low price for the entire face.

Our most well-received activities was the Slender Man and Haunted House which was held inside the Auditorium room and MPH 5. Long queues were seen in front of the auditorium and MPH 5 from the start of the games until the end. There was not a single time where no one was lining up for both of the games. In addition, there was also performances such as  singing and dancing . We had our flash mob dancers to perform on the stage. At the end of the event, prizes were given for top 3 winners for the games and the best male and female costume.

Overall, it was the great experience for the organizing committee, the participants, the winners and everyone who came for the Halloween Event 2014 to make this event a success.

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