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13 OCT 2014 – World Spine Day

As part of the Bone and Joint Decade’s Action Week in October, the chiropractic students of International Medical University Malaysia (IMU) celebrated World Spine Day 2014 in the hopes of promoting spinal health and creating awareness of the importance of proper posture and movement amongst the community of IMU. It was a one day event held at the atrium and was mainly organized by the semester 4 chiropractic students. The theme for this year is “Straighten Up and Move” and many posters and books expeditions were set up on the day itself to provide information about common musculoskeletal conditions that can be prevented through proper understanding of spinal health.

It has become tradition for World Spine Day to be organized by all the chiropractic students every year for the past three years as we are brimming with enthusiasm in promoting the significance of maintaining good posture and to create awareness of the very common musculoskeletal disorders that can be easily prevented with good posture practice. To ensure that our event was recognized, posters were displayed on computer desktops with the help of our IT department and we even draw up notices all around our library whiteboards to draw the attention of the IMU community towards the event. We also designed World Spine Day t-shirts in an effort to raise funds.

10564617_903262103020134_1359834394_nThe main decoration this year was a 2D spine with proper curvature that was pasted on the ground which allowed people to actually walk on and off it to symbolize that their spine is the root of their body. Huge World Spine Day letters were cut out from polystyrene boards and were placed right in the center of the atrium as a part of the main attraction

On the day itself, interesting game booths were set up to get more people coming to our event. The ‘Get Your Nerves Together’ booth was to promote education to the IMU community of the common conditions that can be caused in common daily activities especially hunching over in front of the desk, computers and improper body mechanics. The ‘Test Your Grip Strength’ booth was a small challenge and was there as a motivation for everyone to get physically active and strong which indirectly contributes to decrease in inactivity. Apart from that, we also had two mascots walking around the university to promote the event.

Our “Free Milk Booth” was one of the highlights of the day when people stopped by to ask for cold milk with the hot weather outside. Even the lecturers of IMU stated that it was a good strategy to get people to drink milk as Malaysians often neglect the importance of calcium in their diet and end up having osteoporosis later in their lives.

Our most well-received activity was the free spinal screening conducted by all four batches to give a simple awareness of their current spinal health. The second and fourth semester students conducted postural screenings and motion palpation while the sixth and eighth semester students provided consultation which can be a short study on the general spinal health of the community in IMU.



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