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10-13 NOV 2014 – Malay Cultural Week

A Glorious Week of ‘Malay Cultural Week 2014’


STILL remember the Malay Cultural Week held on 10th – 13th November 2014?  Surely, it was a great experience for us, either the organizer, audiences, winner, attendees or performers!

This special event was organized by the Malay Cultural Society in IMU, which is one of the most happening event ever planned by this society once in a year. The sole purpose of this event was to introduce the unique identity of Malay cultures and tradition to the citizens of IMU. They had an exhibition on traditional Malay games such as ‘congkak’, ‘gasing’ (spinning top) and ‘batu seremban’ for four days of the event. They also exhibited some Malay musical instruments such as ‘seruling’ (flute), ‘gamelan’, and ‘kompang’ on the stage at the atrium. The ‘gamelan’ was once commonly played as a royal performance to the ‘sultan’ (ruler) in his palace during any ceremony. Nowadays, the ‘gamelan’ is played during wedding or ceremonies among the commoners as well.

On the first day, the opening ceremony took place with some exciting performance. This event was officially launched by Tan Sri Dato’ Dr. Abu Bakar bin Suleiman, the current President of IMU. Then, a Malay traditional self-defense known as ‘silat’ was performed by 11 IMU students who learnt this form of martial arts before. With the great, fast and swift moves, they could break any bad situations of crimes as well as the bones of the criminals! The Dikir Barat Team, Hadosayo also contributed part of their show as a teaser before the actual energetic, enthusiastic show which was performed on the last day.

Most of the sub-events within this Malay Cultural Week 2014 were the same as last year, but this year, they had brought on more improvisation with a new exciting event; the ‘Wedding Ceremony Demonstration’. This ceremony was held on the second day. The bridal couple were Derrick and Elena, the third semester medical students of IMU. During this ceremony, they introduce the flow cultures of traditional Malay wedding ceremony accordingly, started from a charade led by the bridegroom accompanied by the ‘kompang’ rhythm until the wedding feast together with the bridal couple’s families. They worked really hard to make this sub-event a success, gaining a lot of support from attendees, performers, as well as foreigners. The master of ceremony announced the flow of this traditional wedding ceremony in order to explain everything about the traditional Malay wedding ceremony.

‘Ketupat’ is a type of dumpling made from rice packed inside woven palm leaf pouch. There was a demonstration on how to make the palm leaf pouch neatly which requires certain skills and techniques on the third day of this event. Traditionally, ‘ketupat’ was served during the festive occasion of Eid al-Fitr (the festival of fast-breaking) that marks the end of  Ramadhan according to Islamic calendar.

A grand event should always end with a grand finale. Thus, on the last day, the grand theater was performed as well as ‘Dikir Barat’ performance. The Dikir Barat team, Hadosayo had performed such undeniably entertaining and energetic show for us! Not to mention, the singer sung his heart out. He might be the winner of ‘Amazing Voice’ contest if he had participated in it. Besides, their leader, Firdaus, was very enthusiastic throughout the show . It was really enjoyable. Next, the most awaiting performance began; a theatre entitled, ‘Kampung Semarah Padi’. The actors for the  theater were selected among the IMU students after a few auditions or casting calls, and they were given the character that best suited them. The director of this theater is Marsaid, and the co-director is Liyafizzira. They had done a splendid job with the enjoyable story line, as well as their amazing acting. All the actors, be it the main actors, supporting actors, or extras, seemed very professional on stage and they were able to express their own character successfully without a slightest doubt or glitch!

Overall, the activities in this event was really unforgettable, cherishing the memories and appreciating all the people who were involved to make this event a success. Congratulations to the committee for this event, who made this event as entertaining as possible and for making this event possible. Hopefully, similar events would be better next year!

Don't mess up with these guys. They are dangerous!Dikir Barat Team, Hadosayo Congrates for the your wedding!They are really quick learners. The traditional foods were really delicious. Thanks for coming! Meet the bridal couple! 'Ketupat' in the making. He should be rewarded as the best main actor. Sudin!

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